Irgun Y.R.A beit shemesh

Building a Bridge over an Abyss

Beit Shemesh is a city with a highly diverse population.This includes innumerable families blessed with a large number of children, who face extreme financial hardships on a daily basis. When confronted with the magnitude of the demand, Rabbi Avraham Harush understood the critical need to take action on behalf of these families, leading him to establish the Y.R.A organization. These families struggle to cope with severe financial challenges that create an unstable and stressful environment for their children. While these families demonstrate great potential for rehabilitation and growth, a large abyss exists between them and the goal of attaining satisfaction and success. Each family is unique, and faces different t sets of challenges and Needs. Irgun Y.R.A was founded in Beit Shemesh on 2006, by Rabbi Avraham Harush.

The first time we refer to you please be our partners.

So what do we do for them?

Food Distribution

Each month, each family receives a basket full of a great variety of many foods, to sustain their basic needs. This allows the family to take a significant stride forward, and feel confident and secure for the coming month that their children will not go hungry. The basket overflows with fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, dry goods
and cleaning products.
The cost per basket of food every month is $520 Sukkot and Passover baskets cost $720

Adopt a family

When financial challenges overcome a family, the entire environment surrounding them is permeated with worry and concern. On many occasions, these homes are neglected, rife with technical problems, such as plumbing, electricity or worn out furniture and much more, but they cannot afford to make necessary repairs. Y.R.A offers the family a temporary apartment for several months. Meanwhile their home is renovated from the ground up, including new furniture, until the apartment can welcome them back for a decent lifestyle and daily routine. Since 2016, the organization has renovated 32 apartments and has given 200 people a worthy, respectable place to call home. In addition, each family receives a living stipend : Apartment renovation = $28,000. A monthly stipend of between $800 - $1,000 for each of the Families 32 .

Scholarships for single-parent women

Single mothers need ongoing support to make up for an absent parent and the loss of additional income to help take care of their children. We are there for them to support them emotionally and financially, always offering a helping hand. For single mothers, in addition to the monthly stipends, each family receives on the Sukkot, Purim, Pesach and Shavuot holidays added grants of between $400 - $500.

Grants for special celebrations

Expenses for special events are so high, that many joyous, happy occasions become a burden to the family. Worries about debt trigger great stress and frustration, since taking large loans will be difficult to repay in the future. Therefore, Y.R.A produces the entire event, plans the event and assists in any other needs the family may have. The donations pay for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. The cost per Bar Mitzvah is $3,600 and per wedding 10,000 $. In the year 2018, we helped with 20 weddings.

Hot Meals in Soup Kitchens

There are five branches of dining rooms spread throughout the city of Beit Shemesh for the benefit of the general public.. The dining rooms are open for nutritious and varied breakfasts and lunches. Every day, 150 people enjoy a delicious and nutritious breakfast and 200 people are able to enjoy a hot lunch. The costs are: Daily breakfast for 150 people: $ 22,000 / month Daily lunch for 200 people: $ 39,000 / month Daily breakfast for 100 children to take to school: $ 5,000 / month.

Dental Clinic

In order to lower dental care expenses for the families of our organization, we have established a dental clinic that provides services for all our 200 families at a nominal price. The clinic has professional and specialized dentists. We provide regular dental service (mouth & jaw) and orthodontics. The cost of setting up the clinic is $100,000 Maintenance –$13,800 a month.

Torah study in Beit Shemesh

Beit Shemesh has three synagogues, in which hundreds pray . daily and around the clock Project Masmidim: There is a daily learning project for children of all ages in which there are 130 children who enjoy educational and fun activities which take place in the afternoon hours. Kollel: There are four branches of the Kollel: For outstanding kollel students, Kollel during evening hours, Friday Kollel and Kollel focused on learning Jewish law. The cost of the activities each year is about $ 420,000.

After-school child care facility

Activities for around 105 children daily. Monthly budget – $2,000

Htazaba street 6 , Beit shemesh , Israel

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